SDA Pro Tour - Season Promo '18


Promotional video developed and animated to build excitement and brand recognition for the SDA Pro Tour, the world's largest double squash double's professional tour.

    Having worked with the SDA Pro Tour for several years, I felt confident in taking a more abstract approach in the 2017-2018 Season Trailer. Admittedly, trying to tear the project back to basics was also an attempt at finding new ways of telling the story while staying true to the style and brand of promo I had created in years prior. I began by modeling the most easily identified elements of the game (the racket, ball, court layout, glass backs, etc.) and assembling rigs that brought dynamics to the objects, focusing the animation on assembly of each of these objects. Wanting to bring the spot back to the human element of the game, I chose to close the piece with a rapid succession of stylized stills of top players from the previous season.

    One thing I appreciate most about the SDA is their complete trust and collaboration throughout the process; even something as sometimes obscure and long arc as a 3D animated spot. Talking through iterations, receiving references and racket design concepts from their team, and constantly being given the freedom to explore new avenues was the key to bringing this project to life. 

Software: Blender, After Effects

Key Plugins: Animation Nodes 2.0 (Visual Python), Trapcode Suite